⇻ ALYCE is 35 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN. They resemble KRYSTEN RITTER and are known to be a BUTCHER in CHILE VILLAGE.


Alyce can be the talk of Chile Village. Dramatic lies are spun up from loose testimonials, and the rumors about The Butcher are elaborate as expected in a superstitious town. People fear them, and they do not always know why. It’s not abnormal for parents to quickly yank on their child’s arm when they pass on the streets. Alyce is also one that tends to make people assume the worse, and at this point in their life, Alyce just feeds into all the gossip. Being overly apparent in situations can make them appear a particular way, like walking down the street in her bloody apron or forgetting to close the door when they are hacking swine.

They are someone who leaves work at work, and though Alyce is proficient in their craft, they do not want to talk about it. Of course, this could be because they worry people will ask the right questions and discover their secret. Their closest companions will learn about their competitive nature very quickly, finding ways to gamble on silly things like racing through the town or offering a rare coin to see someone complete a dare. Sometimes if they aren’t careful, their sadistic side surfaces when caught up in all the fun. They can’t help but find pleasure in someone getting hurt while they were trying to show off.

Alyce, though skillful in wielding blades, chooses to leave them at home when traveling. They have trained with a local in a short wooden staff and decided to invest any extra coin they have in taking it to Miervaldis. They hope to afford to get it enchanted or recharged one day. It’s the most expensive and cherished item in their inventory for this very reason, and it’s not uncommon to see them with it attached to their back at all times.

While moving around the country, Alyce wears items with hoods, and their cloaks offer them a blanket in case they have to sleep in the woods. Everything about Alyce outside of their shop is done for a reason, and their trips are typically well thought out.


At eight years old, Alyce had been forced to watch their Aunt kill a pig they had named and kept as a pet growing up. It had been their legacy of sorts to take over the family business in Grimsby, and with every slide of the saw, Alyce found the sadness about losing their companion disappear and turn into fascination. Pleased that the child hadn’t expressed grief, their Aunt and only family invested all their savings in the butcher shop and allowed Alyce to work in the front. People of Grimsby found the kid interesting, especially about how in-depth and accurate they prepared the swine for the locals. The business profited with every passing year.

On the cusp of their adulthood, Alyce’s aunt passed away. Needing a change of scenery, Alyce moved the butcher business to Chile Village. But not shortly after setting up shop, Alyce witnessed a tremendous fight with two locals which resulted in an accidental death from one of the patrons. Noticing Alyce had seen their crime, the person decided to offer them anything to help them hide the body and keep quiet about it. Alyce took care of it. From that moment forward, Alyce’s butcher shop became a front for their side business, which now involved Alyce removing unwanted bodies from unfortunate situations.

They spend most of their time in the Butcher Shop, but they are required to travel often depending on where clients summon them. They know their reputation could catch up to them as rumors of missing loved ones are spreading the further out they cover their practices. With the influx of the Athorian Kingdom’s laws expanding and the establishment of the Bloodhawks. Alyce knows they might need to work on refining their secrecy as not to get caught. The business is just too good right now and Alyce can’t help but find a thrill in standing on the line of the law.


  • Eris: Alyce is convinced Eris will eventually hunt them down after covering up a particular situation that left the McKenna name at fault.
  • King Nathaniel: There is a lot of love for the King that Alyce grew up around and they wished they weren’t so low on the social ladder so they could see him more.
  • Landon: The bard is someone who has gotten the closest to revealing their secret life.
  • Brutus: They spy on the hybrid from afar when they think they aren’t being as perceptive.
  • Graham: Alyce has run into this person a few times while on business, but they have no idea who or what they are and have the wrong idea about them.


  1. Have you had any other pets since your childhood?
  2. What is something you love that might surprise people?

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