ALSTON FREEMAN is 33 YEARS OLD and is a HUMAN.  They resemble AIDEN TURNER and are known to be a VAMPIRE ENTHUSIAST and is a DOGTRAINER in the BLOODHAWKS.


Alston has a way of expressing themselves that is easy to detect. Being around vampires for their entire life, they have learned not to hold anything back regarding how they feel or what their intentions are, as trained vampires can see right through them. Because of this, Alston will laugh heartily and cry pathetically, and if they are disturbed or uncomfortable they will do everything they can to turn the situation over in their favor. Being of importance to the Athor line, Alston tends to dress the part when appearing in court or when they are with the vampires of The Midnight Congregation. However, when on the road with their many hounds, Alston may get quite dirty or smell of their kennels. Vampires tend to make fun of them for never really being able to get the smell of dog out of their clothing and hair.

Traveling has always been a dream of Alston’s and being able to do so now as part of The Bloodhawks cures any restless feelings that they had bottled up for thirty years. Alston is admiring the sights of the western country alongside their hounds. Alston uses the hounds to track down specific criminals that have broken laws in Athoria or towards people of the country that are protected under the Athorian Law. From fleeing criminals of Dragos to angry mages in Grimsby, Alston’s hounds are trained specifically to track down supernaturals and humans alike.

Alston also has an easy going personality when it comes to interacting with vampires, especially those on the road. Being an unofficial spokesperson of sorts to The Midnight Congregation, Alston voluntarily speaks wonders of the society and will try to convince any vampire they come across to join. Alston believes that vampires are the future of the Athorian Reign.


Against their family’s wishes, Alston became borderline obsessed with vampires at an early age. Their parents had traveled from Grimsby to Chile Village after the successful Franco Rebellion to live life in a governed country, versus the thieving city, as they believed it would be a better life for Alston. But moving to Chile Village only elevated Alston’s fascination with vampires, regardless of the scary tales that Ol’Milly had spoken of time and time again. Alston moved to Brailston City as soon as they were able to, taking a job as a dog trainer apprentice. This brought them closer to The Midnight Congregation, where the elite vampires began to grow inside the city. Alston marveled at the vampires, writing in journals about their interactions with them and silently keeping tabs on their whereabouts, feeding patterns, and so forth. Sometimes Alston was known to be a little too enthusiastic with the vampires, s following them around became a slight obsession.

Alston took over the kennels when their teacher passed away. They started to train their hounds in the specific art of hunting supernaturals. It’s said that Alston made this decision based on a whisper inside of their ear by an influential vampire, who claimed to only be offering a suggestion. Alston took this idea and ran with it, growing the size of the kennels and continuing to ask the vampires for advice when it came to their needs and wants.

Today, Alston has been honored with putting their hounds to use in the tracking of criminals in the western country. Being a part of The Bloodhawks has given Alston an added sense of responsibility. They can be slightly ambitious and can sometimes make mistakes in capturing those that are innocent. Alston has a bad habit of asking The Congregation for tasks and direction rather than their new clanmates, which can cause some tension.


  • Kei: Alston is curious about how their runes work to keep the jails organized but Kei won’t let them on to their secrets. 
  • Porter: Alston runs into Porter all the time on accident. They find it easy to hold conversations with the vampire.
  • Marrada: They helped Marrada out of a tight spot when the charges didn't seem to match the crime. It's something Alston wonders was the right thing to have done. 
  • Annika: Alston secretly visits Brightview Inn just to talk to Annika. 


  • Have you considered turning into a vampire yourself in order to be the same specie as those who you are obsessed with?
  • Which terrain gives your dogs the most trouble to hunt down someone? Is there a place you never want to go back too because of this?

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