VANCE DAUGHTRY is about 48 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble TERRY CREWS and are known for OWNING A TAVERN in LEEDS called THE DEVIL’S DEN.


Vance is a person forged in steel, their body sculpted with well-defined muscles that are an unavoidable highlight to their features. They stand at a towering height to see over the crowds with an aura that reeks of confidence. Vance loves a good laugh. Their joking demure throws many people off when they first meet them and assume them tough as nails. Everything they do is with serious enjoyment that spreads into their passions to trick everyone around them.

Suffering with survivor’s guilt due to his history, Vance thoroughly believes that they are hitting the end of their life soon. This irrational mindset has caused them to live the ending of their life to its fullest. When Vance attempts for people to understand this way of thinking, people are often confused since Vance is extremely healthy and not ailing from any illness. But this way of thinking has given them release from any past fears and any relationships that have been broken over his life are in the process of being repaired.

Vance has made a point to be involved in multiple points of income sources in Leeds. They keep their affairs separate from outside cities when necessary to avoid any conflict, and people have learned not to piss them off while in the Devil’s Den. Working this way has kept them financially sound, both by serving their customers in the busy months and aiding in supplies when the crowds die down. Vance also makes decent coin in gambling or in participating in fighting when the mood strikes them.


Vance and their twin were born in Leeds in a brothel. Together they lived as normal of life that Leeds could provide but they never once hated their moms. Instead they worked hard to make their living situation as full of happiness and life as possible. Their one mother became gravely ill around their twenty-third birthday, and their friend had called upon a healer that worked mostly in light magic since the family only practiced the dark arts. Or that is what they thought. What they didn’t know was that it was a ruse to cover up the exorcism the delusional friend had assumed to be the reason for their mother’s sickness.

Vance’s twin attacked these priests when it was clear that they were going to kill their mother in this awful ceremony. Stunned, they watched in horror as the altercation didn’t swing in their brother’s favor and instead left their twin gravely wounded on the ground. When the priest turned on Vance, they seemed shaken in surprise and couldn’t move or speak. The priests were set on attempting the ritual on Vance’s mother regardless of what just transpired, claiming they all had the devil in them.

Vance watched their brother die just steps away from them. It was a whirlwind of emotions, and Vance snapped. They attacked without another delay, killing everyone in that basement besides their mothers who were huddled together in a corner. The scene was so gruesome it left them all unable to speak of that day ever again. They buried the twin and with their shared coin they established The Devil’s Den on a promise to their memory and to work on payback against this new Church of Athoria.


  • Sophia Elay: They pair have a working relationship and provide cover for one another if the need arises. 
  • Benson: The grumpy werewolf is welcomed in their tavern anytime, so long as they bring Vance something from the countryside.


  • Have you ever killed anyone again?
  • What magic do you find easiest to wield? 

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