TOVA VENDELA is roughly 34 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They appear as ALYSSA SUTHERLAND and is currently a NOBLEWOMAN out of CRESCENT GROVE.


Tova is well known for their mysterious beauty. With their thick, strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and beautiful cheekbones many who look upon them find it hard to avert their gaze. They carry themselves in a well-designed front with the utmost poise and grace, often dressing to match this factor. Tova is always seen in delicate fabrics and furs, sometimes accessorizing with circlets and flower crowns until it requires their attention on their secretive tasks.

When attempting to please the Fae in grand sacrificial and seemingly random ways, fatigue can physically befall Tova. They become twitchy and unafraid to have dirt under their nails as they dig in the gardens or shallow graves and brew elaborate magical plans to be sure the Fae are happy. These plans are not entirely documented in a straight forward way for Tova to follow, leaving them scrambling to make assumptions that border more on superstitions than facts.

The noblewoman has all the practiced courtesies of someone of their status. They know how to conduct themselves in public, especially among other aristocrats. Contrarily, Tova is far from soft-spoken and extremely polite. They have a sharp tongue and wit and has no quarrels with speaking their mind. They can be haughty and vain during their fouler moods and graciously kind in more pleasant moments. Tova will do whatever is necessary to ensure they look the part and does not shy away from corrupt methods to do so.


The Vendela family is one of the oldest and richest bloodlines of Crescent Grove, owning an estate known for its lavender and livestock. Of all the prominent families, some may even say they are the most hated. No one truly knows what began the blood feuds in Crescent Grove, but Tova’s family wasn’t an exception to being involved in them. Some say it was over sharing resources and competition over farming and trade. Other rumors speak of petty dramas involving tragic love stories. No matter the reason, Tova’s family is often in the dead center of it.

Their primary cause of difficulties comes from their family duty of appeasing the Fae who had initially landed in this part of the region and made it the fertile place it is today. They have no concrete idea if what they do truly works until the harvest season. Sometimes when the crops don’t grow properly for individual families, they want to place the blame in disturbing ways for upsetting the balance. This has been rumored why some of the blood feuds over the many years of Crescent Grove have been taken too far, though nothing has ever been proven.

Upon their father’s death, the grand estate passed to Tova. Their fortune only seemed to increase when the Athor’s offered the Vendela line to join their royal House. The royal family was looking to integrate with prominent natives and plant roots across the country to secure their bloodline. The first cousin of King Nathaniel was arranged to become betrothed to Tova, and the Vendelas became the first in Crescent Grove to be of nobility.

Tova married into the Athor line three years ago and has already given their husband a healthy child. They have everything they ever wanted, but the one thing that could jeopardize it all is if their husband found out about the bloody secrets. The Athor’s are known for their honor and the Vendela line would be stain on their image and prestige. Tova has done well at keeping their spouse in the dark, but they aren’t sure how much longer that ignorance will last.


  • Annika:  Tova keeps their distance from Annika and finds the fact that since a vampire is now among them that their secrets of the blood fued’s could be completely exposed. 
  • Carter:  Tova’s family were responsible for the deaths of Carter’s parents. They keep tabs on the ale-master to be sure they don’t go looking for answers in the journals they have.
  • King Nathaniel: Tova is known to travel to events hosted by the King and enjoyed his company at their wedding.
  • Reyson: When Reyson was banished to Crescent Grove and away from the monarchy of Athoria, Tova took on the responsibility of keeping the old mage in line.
  • Alduin: Fear grips at Tova whenever the Fae arrives into Crescent Grove.


  1. Do you want your daughter to continue your families legacy with appeasing the Fae?
  2. What’s really in the middle of that mysterious hedge maze your family has in the backyard of your estate?

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