⇻ SHEERA “WINDRUNNER” is 30 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They can be mistaken to SAMIRA WILEY. They are COURIER and in the BLOODHAWKS.


Sheera is lean with muscles honed for speed and agility, accented with various leather and furs from their kills that drape over their shoulders. Across their back is a bow and arrow, but it is twin daggers they wield more impressively. They enjoy blending their wardrobe with a mixture of styles across the country and mixing gender selections to feel more like them self.

There is an underling gloomy atmosphere that can follow Sheera around like a toxic cloud, and they don’t intentional mean to have this core personality. It tends to bring people towards them in positive ways, wishing to help them out rather than pushing away, which makes for consistent awkward situations. Since this is just who they are without proper reason, they have gained experience in turning conversations around and smiling when they don’t necessarily want to. Sheera is insensitive to bursts of extreme emotions. It’s unlikely they will stop to help a crying child who scraped their knee with kind words. Instead, they will give them a firm pat on the head and an encouraging yet uncomfortable speech to get them back on their feet.

Sheera’s magic is an affinity only to the wind and has adopted many characteristics because of this. They are swift, having been nicknamed in Miervaldis as ‘The Windrunner’ when Sheera proved themselves in a competition against a few classmates from school.

They meditate every day and have found great respect to the wolves, for their prayer gardens are a place of peace that they visit very often.


Their home was always busy to Sheera. Growing up in a large family who cared only about being the best at everything, Sheera became exhausted of their cumbersome expectations at a young age. There was this pull to the unknown Kingdom outside Miervaldis that made them want to leave and explore. Their family forbade it for years, but it was not a difficult choice to latch onto an Athorian Church member when they visited Miervaldis and sneak off with them to see Athoria.

Meeting King Franco changed Sheera’s life. There had been this need to feel a part of a movement bigger than themselves that Miervaldis and the Guild didn’t entirely fulfill in them. The King offered them a position as the Kingdom courier which made them feel appreciated and vital to their new home. They traveled to all corners of the country during that time. When King Franco died Sheera went into mourning, but the event would prove to once more change their life as King Nathaniel appointed them into the Bloodhawks.

Their new position entitles them permission to intercept letters which could contain information the Bloodhawks need to carry out the laws of the Athorian Kingdom. Often, Sheera uses magic to read most of what they deliver in hopes to find leads for their clan mates without the objects looking tampered. Sheera is in the dark about what exactly they are helping with as they are not a part of the enforcement side of the Bloodhawks. They are currently interested in learning to be more involved in all aspects and are actively seeking out ways to gain new jobs beyond the courier side.


  • Gage: Sheera thinks Gage’s rough attitude funny, and when they are in the slumps they know they can count on a good laugh from the vampire.
  • Benjamin: The pair got roped into an event in Brailston that embarrassed them both into an awkward friendship.
  • Tova: For some reason, they have orders to read a lot of their letters.  
  • Constantine: They report most of their findings to them and hope of all the members, they will help them get more involved. 
  • Bloodhawks: Sheera has embraced all of them to a level that could seem fake in intentions but they are right at home with their new family.
  • King Nathaniel: They tend to get dazed while in their presence and have gotten laughed at over it before. 


  1. Have you witnessed the brutal enforcement side of the Bloodhawks? Are you sure you might want to be apart of that side of the clan?
  2. What did you study while in school in Miervaldis? Any happy memories?

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