⇻ REYSON is 82 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble JUDI DENCH and is known to be a WEAVER and RETIRED NANNY.


It is usually quite clear that Reyson’s friendly and positive expressions are laced with a forced, fake nature that is unfortunate, and it leaves people who converse with them to be unsure of their motives and true feelings. Their growing age shows in fine wrinkles around their face that shape their smiles and scowls. They are fairly short yet Reyson has an old dominance about them that make up for what they lack in height. Reyson can usually be seen with touches of makeup and the occasional overly colorful flower clipped in their short hair. Since living in Crescent Grove, Reyson has attempted to conform to the standards and expectations of the town which includes dressing nice when they are expecting company and speaking with mannerisms that is foreign to them. Around their neck is a crystallized gemstone of what seems like an ancient artifact.

These days, Reyson lives their life knowing that the power and control of their past is long gone, which causes them to remain bitter. They are attempting this new life in Crescent Grove but it has been difficult to accept that this is where they should be. At their age, Reyson is in good health but needs to sit often and sometimes can forget what they are talking about. This may be because they constantly daydream and pretend to listen to others when they are babbling about something they do not particularly care about. Reyson misses using the darkness of their magic and believes that the wrongs of their past are finally starting to catch up with them in small forms of self-deceit. 

Reyson has only just begun attempting to travel back to the more populated cities, hoping that enough time has passed and no one will recognize them, but they spend the time mostly paranoid and tend to head back to Crescent Grove quickly. When it comes to their weaving, Reyson makes sure to catch the merchants when they come into town and sells the lot of their craft in order to pay their wages at Brightview Inn. Reyson tries to add a touch of magic to their baskets, hoping to reconnect to that lighter side of them that had been forgotten since they were a teenager, but most of the time the magic betrays them and the results of their craft burst into flames, or something equally as unfortunate.


Reyson’s history is long and expansive, and sometimes they cannot remember when certain things in their life happened, or if they even happened at all. Reyson wishes they had documented more about their adventures as a young person or was somehow able to save their memories from the past. What Reyson does remember is growing up the youngest of four older siblings in Miervaldis, but out of the five of them Reyson was the only one to snatch their Mother’s fae gene. By the time they were born and growing up, their older siblings had began to marry and move on with their lives, so no one really paid attention to Reyson’s childhood. Reyson was lonely without their siblings and their parents were now older people who didn’t have the energy to do as much with them, which caused Reyson to have a nasty and carefree attitude filled with dark humor and entertainment. Their haughty attitude and demanding personality, even as a young person, became fixated with darker spells and wielding unnatural powers of the dead.

Until she they were well into their fifties, Reyson practiced curses on self-proclaimed enemies and enjoyed watching them die from afar. But due to their good family name, Reyson lived a double life of being a pillar in the community in the daylight and practicing darker spells at night. It wasn’t until a spell went tragically wrong that the community of mages in Miervaldis saw Reyson for what they truly were and all of the awful things they had done over the span of their life. Some wished Reyson to die for their crimes, while others wished them banished from the country altogether. In the end, Reyson was stripped of their titles and family name and forced to work menial jobs inside of The Magic Guild, so they could keep an eye on them and make sure they did not use magic or continue to do awful deeds. They believed that a life of redemption was the best course of action.

For a long time Reyson believed that they had been “cured” of their darker impulses. When Franco Athor and his Queen birthed Prince Nathaniel, The Magic Guild offered Reyson to be a nanny to the young future king. Some were shocked at this decision but for nearly two decades Reyson had proved themselves back into society and they believed it would be a good chance for their specie to integrate into the monarchy. Reyson nannied Nathaniel for eighteen years and made an enemy of the Queen. She was jealous of Nathaniel’s connection with Reyson and it is rumored that the Queen was responsible for sabotaging their relationship. Reyson was dismissed and was banished to the furthest city of the country, Crescent Grove, where the old families “took” them in out of respect for the new monarchy. 

Living at Brightview Inn is not ideal but Reyson is not entitled to own property or land, and quite frankly has no where else to go. For seven years they have lived a menial life compared to their once dark and exciting one. Reyson can feel an evil brewing inside of them once again, and this time they are not sure if they will want to let it simmer.


  • King Nathaniel: Since Reyson is prohibited to attend anything involving the monarchy, they have not spoken since his eighteenth birthday. 
  • Annika and Derek: Living at Brightview Inn allows Reyson to interact with these two strange vampires often. They remind Reyson of a time when they were young and in love in their youth.
  • Kali: Reyson “helped” Kali place their brother into a magical coma a few years back.
  • Tova: Reyson is discretely spying on Tova knowing evil well.


  • Do you ever think about enacting revenge on those that “falsely” accused you of having something to do with the murder of the Queen?
  • If you could say one thing to King Nathaniel right now, what would it be?

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