OLUCHI is roughly 34 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They appear as JAMEELA JAMIL and is currently a SEANCE PERFORMER. They are a MAGE in the COVEN OF THE MIGHTY OAK.


Oluchi has an absurdly funny personage most meet with comprehensive enthusiasm. They wear long robes that drag on the ground decorated in thick trimmings and beaded designs and necklaces heavy in crystals. They will testify to all it is their fashion sense over any costume, but Oluchi is a well-known liar and elaborates in most circles within the community who find his word on most things far-fetched.

They are terrified of large bodies of water and the unknown surrounding the building of the new Kingdom. Being sheltered in the Hallowed Oak has aided in causing them to sometimes have irrational fears and confused understandings to the hierarchy of power in the major cities under an Athorian rule. They weren’t taught to trust a Knight or that there are laws to abide by that aren’t the covens ways. Traveling in the Athorian Territory is the most dangerous in their eyes.

There is a constant laugh shared about their travels as if it’s the most common profession in the world of Athoria. Oluchi will regularly go into details about the jobs they have worked on involving ghosts without realizing discretion might be the better route. They travel the country now with a magnificent carriage pulled by their trusted steed, which is necessary as Oluchi is terrible with teleportation and had gotten stuck in a wall once in Miervaldis until someone could rescue them. Inside the carriage is their living quarters, but also a mess of random items – from lost shoes to small bags filled with bird feathers. Anything else they can get their hands on is in hopes to aid in their Seance’s without needing to hunt things down when the moment happens.

Oluchi is certain they have mapped out how to allow these ghosts and some specters to move on quickly, but it’s only about fifty percent accurate. All the items they collect are made to trick the ghosts into believing it was something wanted or needed before they died. They might offer a ring that looks close to what they were describing, or in other cases Oluchi will help them seek their ‘revenge’ by making it seem like its unfolding when it’s all just a show. This is dangerous work, especially when some Specters shift into a berserk or poltergeist role – and a few times they nearly died before help came to their rescue. But somehow Oluchi sees the fun in it and is set on not changing paths in their life.


Oluchi grew up in the Hallowed Oak with his family and the Coven of the Mighty Oak. They were a lively and curious child, always falling out of trees and trying to hunt down mythical creatures on their own. They knew they would need to choose a path to help their people but never had they expected their family would allow them to leave when they came of age. Matilda Barnes was an inspiration to them to push their learning so when they turned eighteen Oluchi practically flew out of the tree line hovering high about the forest to see the grander before them. Unsure where to start on this expedition, they flew towards the mountains and into Leeds.

Being out of their element was an understatement. Oluchi was immediately surrounded by everything they were taught never to perform magically. Dark Magic, Demonic summonings, and horrid magical objects sold on the streets of the Black Market. People were having sex openly in some houses and fighting to the death in smelly pits stained red in blood. Oluchi’s innocence was torn out of them almost violently before they could catch on that this place was the most corrupted in all the lands.

Barely a week passed before they were locked magically in a large storage shed by a mean witch who thought they were there to steal their goods. Inside was freezing, their teeth chattering. A haunting voice spoke to them and before they could understand what was happening the room was trembling. It took all night to work out what the ghost was saying, but eventually they gathered certain supplies within the shed to attempt to free them from this world. It shouldn’t have worked– but it did. After escaping the shed, they were surprisingly given new silver coins from Dragos as payment as if they hadn’t been the ones to lock them up.

What’s next in their life terrifies them since they know having been involved with people and witches from Leeds and Miervaldis that there is fear brewing about the use of Demonic magic. Oluchi is growing curious themselves about what the link is between realms and wants to know if there is a place these ghosts could be going too. What is actually on the other side? Oluchi hopes their Coven can help them stay balanced in this search for answers. 


  • Kali: The librarian always teases Oluchi for their terrible handwriting.
  • Matilda: Oluchi confides in their mentor more than many other members, wanting to make them proud.
  • Jade: Oluchi is always stealing Jade’s best honey for their Seance’s, but it’s a lie. They just want to eat it with a discount.
  • Liam: They will sometimes sneak up to their house and watch them work through the windows. If they ever need to bounce ideas off of someone Liam is their contact.


  1. What do you do when a ghost becomes a poltergeist? Do you stick around or do you make a run for it?
  2. Why do you think teleportation is so challenging and dangerous for you?

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