MATILDA BARNES is 58 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble ANGELA BASSETT and are known for being the FOREST SAGE & LEADER within the COVEN OF THE MIGHTY OAK.


Matilda’s love for nature is eternal, a connection not able to be explained without experiencing the entire release of ones ‘self’ to the Hallowed Oak. There is an aura of radiance around Matilda and a following shadow of darkness that lingers because of it. Hinting their touch could grant you life or death. Their confidence shines rather than being shrouded, and it expresses in how they speak and move through life to force others attentions without revealing their intentions. They highlight their attire in gleaming rare gems and crystals, and the naturally woven garments hugs their curves to entice the eye their way. They speak as if they already knows the answer, seeking intelligence and wanting stimulation to anything new and unknown to them in this changing world.

Matilda contains an obsessive need to accomplish balance. At times, they will get swept up in the superstition created by humanity – for mild fears linger within them that they could be true. They will make a point to never intervene in a problem unless it proves unfair to a natural progression. If they sense the tables turning they will try to make suggestions or end the altercation altogether quite abruptly. There is no real rhyme or reason as to why they act this particular way to an outsider, but they have a vision of how life should be lead, and they won’t defer from the plan they hold the clan too.

The Coven loves them dearly, but they can be overly stern when simple free-will decisions leave their code challenged. They have executed three members in their role and is currently the first ever to allow the clan access to the outside world. They are determined to keep the integrity of their people even with these new experiences of the Athor reign and influences imposing on them.


They were born in the Hallowed Oak. Their earliest memories are of the herds of unicorns that used to run by their family’s hut every fall. They knew eventually they would have magic, but when it surfaced it was weak– almost brittle if one were to put it to such comparisons. Their family was distraught yet supported them, but it would prove not to be enough to influence the teenager otherwise. When they were nineteen, they met up with a witch traveling through the Hallowed Oak who gave them a spell to steal someone’s magic. The warnings were clear, but the rewards were high. Matilda was instantly obsessed.

Before going back home, they used this spell on this witch in a moment of backlash and wanting to keep it all a secret. It worked. Their magic seemed to blend with this foreign one in an impossible torrent of power and pain. Their mind nearly went mad as the other screamed and laid dead upon the ground from the torturous act. The Green Man saw what they did, and came to them then, surrounding them in branches and leaves. It was His touch that stopped the internal storm. When they came to, they were honestly horrified at what they had done, but the deity promised all was as planned. That they would need this power to lead the Coven, and that balance would be restored to them by protecting their people with it.

As the leader of the Coven of the Mighty Oak for the last three decades, they expect natural tests. Though this secret remains between them and the Green Man, they can’t help but wonder if it will ever come back to challenge them and if those consequences will ever ruin their chances of remaining neutral upon death. Regardless or personal plans, they are set on having their people explore all of the Athoria on the East. They want to know why they needed this power, and who exactly will feel the wrath of their coven should they test it.


  • Coven of the Mighty Oak: They are their family, and they will always place their safety at the highest priority. Those who risk their family will be met with a very dark side of their leader. 
  • Reina: They have their eye on this witch who has exceptional gifts. Wanting to attempt to bring them into the coven.
  • Daken: The wolf had begged for passage and Matilda granted it a favor.
  • King Nathaniel: They have not met yet since laying eyes on King Franco, but Matilda is very interested in speaking with him if they can.  


  • Why did you decide to allow the Coven to leave the safety of the Hallowed Oak after all this time? 
  • What makes you so sure that death can be the answer to a problem you are faced with?

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