LEE KATSU is 22 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble KIM JONGIN, and are known for being a GRAVE KEEPER and MEMBER within the COVEN OF THE MIGHTY OAK.


Deemed a troubled person by their clan, Lee is in fact a brilliant witch who likes to play with humanity. Their magic has been chaotic and fun since they were a child and never once have they settled to learn how to hone their skills, no matter the issue it could cause. They love their life to remain unpredictable, striving to throw themselves into situations that could play against their favor if only to see how it will turn out. They’re often hurt; bandages cover their skin in places from their magic turning against them which gives them a haphazard and disturbing appearance that people can not understand.

Their lack of compassion for others comes across eerie and over-calloused. Lee can appear abnormally cheerful when they are attempting to fit in with the general public. With bright distorted smiles, they achieve creeping people out above appearing friendly. Lee doesn’t notice, and it’s clear they are reticent about their opinions when it comes to their personality. Sometimes they will stop mid-act and cannot remember why they are doing whatever it is that they are doing. This has, on many occasions, caused the clan to lose track of them in the world, and requires members to seek them out.

Lee sometimes misses the Hallowed Oak and will make a point to come back and stay with their family for an extended time. It’s then that they will usually recenter their magic, leaving the Oak almost a different person altogether after the clan aids in calming the chaotic storm within.    


Lee is a part of the younger generation under the leadership of Matilda Barnes who never knew what it meant not to leave the Hallowed Oak. Their family did not take up the chance to move, as they were highly superstitious of the world out there and scared of their influences. Lee stayed until they were fourteen, but their curiousness got the better of them. Earning permission to leave, they set off with a traveling group of people who were heading north on the main road towards Grimsby. They stayed there for a while, learning how to fend for himself and took on any work they could get.

One would say that Lee was living a normal life. Every night they were plagued by a voice telling them to try this, and to visit different places in the daytime and report what they saw in their dreams. They awoke disoriented, feeling compelled to explore but also frightened that they couldn’t put a face to the creature visiting them. As the years passed, they slowly started murmuring to themselves explaining their day to someone not seen. They felt as if they had a mission that was not their own, gathering pieces without knowing the whole picture. The people of Grimsby noticed that they were acting strange and disturbed, and instead of helping– told Lee to leave.

Lee landed the job in the newly established Athorian Graveyard on a prank gone wrong. They had wanted to play a joke on the current keeper after a dream suggested it to them. Half of the prank was to burying themselves in the soils – they broke out the grave like they were undead when the keeper came on his rounds. The event resulted in giving the elder a heart attack. Lee happened up the job for the great inconvenience, but they know it was all a part of some plan. Why they needed to be in the graveyards is still a mystery to Lee; they just know that they are supposed to be there.


  • Coven of the Mighty Oak: Lee will always find time to be with their coven when they can locate them. They are Lee’s family and roots, and their loyalty is very robust and intact.
  • Raziel: They are intrested in helping Lee but they always seem to run away when they get near. 
  • Kei: They unfortunately always meet under dire situations when Kei comes to pick up bodies from the jail for those who perished behind bars. 


  • What is the most fun prank you pulled proceeding your zombie one?
  • Have you ever told anyone about this visiting presence in your dreams?

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