KILLIAN is 22 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble CAMERON MONAGHAN and were known to be a TREASURE HUNTER at the LIBRARY before they were injured and presumed in a coma. They are now a PICKPOCKET in the THIEVES GUILD.


Killian found an early fascination in enchantments when they were younger and learned how to forge magical armors as a teenager. It became their aesthetic to wear different styles while traveling. Though it appears they aren’t robust enough to wear such items, they are magically bound, and Killian’s skin is marked in various runes to activate these armors at will over having to carry them around. Typically, they will wear simple leather goods to allow them to blend into society.

There is a cutting edge to Killian that can cause a commotion if they aren’t careful about how they speak to others. It doesn’t come from a place of pride so much as a broad understanding of the world around them and their role in it due to their upbringing. The Ravenswood’s carry extensive knowledge, and even though Killian is young, they feel as if they have experienced more than most. This can take other peoples laid back approach to life as a direct insult to how Kilian was expected to live, feeling as if they are wasting away. Getting Killian to relax is one of the world’s greatest secrets.

Their magic is almost delicate when it’s compared to all the different branches of elemental studies, which can be showy and visually grand or dramatic. Illusion is their primary area of learning; becoming invisible or warding sections of the Ravenswood Library with intricate spells that even their twin cannot break. When focused, they can temporarily infiltrate people’s minds and allow them to see what they wish them to. This is used mostly to shroud themselves from others if they fell into a particularly bad situation by bending reality to allow escape, and comes in handy when thieving for the Emerald Hand.

Killian can surprisingly get along with anyone regardless of their species. Curiousness and a natural wit for knowing when someone is an enemy or not doesn’t defer Killian from interacting with them. Danger isn’t a new line of work. Even as the years are shaping towards a different less savory direction, Killian is determined never to lose sight of what they were taught as a Ravenswood and takes every job seriously. There are times when high on adrenaline that their boisterous, younger self surfaces and it strongly reminds them of better days.

Killian’s head injury is something that hasn’t entirely healed since they ran away from home. When stress surfaces from a situation out of their control, they sometimes fantasize how to handle it better. These suggestions are grotesque and twisted, offering detailed images of torture and torment. It’s enough that it disturbs Killian into a furor before they blackout. They have woken up in random places with people they don’t know, and with items they can’t remember acquiring.


The Ravenswood name has been a legacy and well-known to all generations since the beginning of humankind. A family of exceptionally gifted humans, the legacy has always excelled in keeping secrets a secret and not succumbing to the temptation of revelation. Ravenswood’s are book smart and understand the dangers of revealing too much to too many people. Most people use the Ravenswood Library to keep these opinions sacred. The literature inside the library has both haunted and helped their family. Ravenswood legacies tend to know and understand every type of person and have an unbelievable amount of self-restraint when it comes to sharing knowledge of politics and other important matters or discoveries.

Being a Ravenswood Legacy was both a blessing and a curse to Killian. Growing up, there was more time for work than there was for play, and even when they did get a chance to take some time for themselves, it always seemed that they were still managing to study or participate in Legacy related activities either way. Killian and their mother were closest, and they spent half of the year traveling the country in order to collect certain books, artifacts or scrolls to put into the library for safe keeping. Killian thoroughly enjoyed hiding their secret treasures away from everyone else and was known to sometimes have too many secrets. 

It was one particular treasure hunting adventure that threw Killian off course for the rest of their life. Killian found an ancient tome that vividly described how to summon a demon from Hell. Killian had every intention of sealing the tome away inside the library and never allowing anyone to have access to it, but the tome itself was cursed. Every moment Killian spent avoiding the tome, the more paranoid they had become. They started to see hallucinations, ward rooms and forget how to reopen them, vanish for nights only to wake up on the shores of Vargulf with no memory of how they got there. Then there were the voices; whispers that told Killian steps on unlocking the cursed words in the tome, and tried to convince Killian to summon the demon themselves. Killian spent most of their teenage years going quietly insane. Sometimes they were protective of the tome, unable to sleep without it, finding the binding of the cover comforting in a twisted way. Killian’s personality changed for the worst. 

On their eighteenth birthday, Killian had a breakthrough regarding the curse and left home. They faked a magical coma and fled to Grimsby to join the thieves guild there. Bitter, paranoid, and quite certain that they were close to destroying the curse, Killian discovered that their magic was significantly weaker. Now, on the verge of loosing their magic for good, Killian must decide if succumbing to the curse is better than saying goodbye to their legacy for good.


  • Kali: Their magical twin has always been the most important part of their life. Leaving Kali behind was the hardest part of turning away from their legacy.
  • Lady Reyson: They have a special type of relationship with Reyson due to the old witch placing Killian inside of the “coma”.
  • The Emerald Hand: Killian’s few years with this rowdy thieves guild has given them a sense of family since leaving their own. Killian does well to make sure that the members of the guild do not discover who they really are. 
  • Conway: Killian regrets not seeking out the help of Conway regarding the curse, but in the end decided it was for the best.


  • What do you think would happen if you gave into the urge to summon the demon as its written on the tome?
  • What aspect of the Thieves Guild do you find the most promising? Surely you have your reasons for joining up?

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