KEI appears 26 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble TYLER POSEY and is a WARD & RUNE MASTER as well as a JAILERS APPRENTICE in BRAILSTON.


Kei’s mind is genius level for their age, but their appearance never eludes to this fact no matter how tall they try to stand, or how proper they dress in the presence of their seniors. There is a childish happiness that regularly comes out when they work their magic for the greater good of the developing city of Brailston. This undoubtedly makes them look immature when little hoots and jumps accompany a successful spell inside the becoming jails. They can’t help but want to share some happiness with everyone, even when those incarcerate certainly care little about it in return.  

Magic is the most natural part of Kei, so much that they are overly awkward in mild social obligations and basic living that do not require magic. Everything they touch will tend to have a breath of magic used to make it ‘easier, ’ and over the years this has made them a little lazy and unsure how to properly handle simple tasks – like stirring a pot with their hands or cleaning. Frustrations come out quickly in the form of tantrums when failure happens in repetition. When Kei gets too deep into their own head – overthinking, or becoming too emotional over something menial – their magic stops working altogether, leaving them vulnerable in more ways than just handling the problem.

Kei can draw exceedingly well, preferring charcoal or chalk as their medium. This hobby lets them get away from Brailston and work elsewhere, sometimes traveling into Night Haven where they spend time in the quiet vampire town. They are asked to come into Miervaldis often to aid in strengthening wards with the Guild and sometimes Kei stays in town for extended periods to visit old friends and family. This always brightens their mood before they head back into Brailston and face the dark reality of their chosen profession and the people who can sometimes get under his skin.


Kei’s family has always been close with the Magic Guild in Miervaldis, and Kei grew up surrounded by powerful witches throughout their childhood. Warding and runes became the easiest craft for Kei to study at a young age and with his artistic skills, it became a prominent area for them to grow into scroll designing as a teen. They learned how to summon an ice giant when they were only sixteen to use in battle should the need arise. The Guild was beyond impressed since it surpassed many of the elders in the group when they had been that age. When of a proper age, they put in a referral for Kei to aid Brailston with the jails to design special warding for all species who are put there.

The job is vastly different than they expected. It’s not that they don’t like it. The work is honest, and Kei tries their best not to complain. But being constantly harassed by the people locked up for breaking the King’s laws makes them frustrated. They don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t believe in the Kingdom and has taken it upon themselves to learn how to ward against every species in existence without torturous intent to keep everyone safe. If the physical wards do not work, Kei is exploring if maybe there is a mental magical way to help. Regardless, Kei is determined to be a vital part of the budding community and will do all they can to impress the King.

Kei has developed a strong sense of pride while in Brailston. They believed in King Franco Athor and thoroughly clings happily to the fact that King Nathaniel is so motivated. Kei can’t wait to see the complete vision of the Athor’s for the country come alive throughout the West. The King noticed this attitude and appointed him as the Bloodhawks main Jailer after his coronation. This new role focuses on Bloodhawk business alongside his apprenticeship.


  • Grigori: Kei is at awe every time they see their work and has made a point to always bring the vampire art supplies when they are in Night Haven to cheer them up. 
  • Conway: Kei has been asked to come on a few special and secretive missions with the old warlock. 
  • King Nathaniel: They were greeted by the King on their very first day of work and it remains to be the greatest moment of their entire life. They still have the gloves they wore when they shook the King’s hand locked in a special box. 
  • Lee: Kei sees Lee when they have to pick up bodies from the jail. 
  • Constantine: They find a familiar connection to this Fae that seems to extend further than simple friendship. Kei has wanted to talk to them about their their heritage but has yet to find the right time. 
  • Ravenswoods: Kei has called on the Twins to help when complicated spells stump them. 


  • Summoning an ice giant at that age must have required some serious training! Is there an element of magic that you find you are closer in connection with?  
  • Do you have a plan for the warding in the Brailston Jails? Do you find most of the older folks challenging your ideas especially now that the King appointed you into the Bloodhawks?

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