KALI is 22 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble KATHERINE MCNAMARA and are known to be a LIBRARIAN in MIERVALDIS.


Kali is a beautiful young person with a visible radiance that’s hard to miss. Their hair is usually a glowing, reddish-orange that is a pinpoint in their features. However, Kali alters their hair color from orange to blonde to brown if they are feeling a change is necessary or if attempting to be stealthier when away from Miervaldis. Kali can pull off any attire, from dresses to tights to anything in between, and they can be seen wearing whatever suits their fancy. Their smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day, but be warned that this librarian has an unprecedented requirement to protect the library at all costs, so do not be fooled by their smaller stature. They are quick and nimble, and this makes up for their physical strength.

Kali’s magic is complex within the alteration branch of study, primarily used to protect the knowledge contained in the Library. They are a master in runes, wards, and protective spheres to secure everything inside the library with elaborate traps and puzzles. Telekinesis is their most trained area of offensive mental magic and can be considered a formidable asset should they need to use it against thieves or troublemakers.

They can get along with anyone regardless of species. They enjoy sipping wine and adhering to local tourists. Kali has also been visiting the Castle of Athoria since its grand opening and has even shared lunch with King Nathaniel several times. Kali lacks in the department of making themselves feel better than anyone else. They are remarkably smart in both the scientific ways of the world and the historical knowledge of the country. Kali can read people extremely well and documents behaviors in self-written books that deal with psychology and philosophy. They are skillful at deducing conclusions based on the findings inside the library.

In the last few years since their twin’s accident, Kali has had to handle traveling to opposing cities to pick up new items for the library from private collectors. Kali is not oblivious to the dangers of these expeditions, but it is worth it to preserve the future of history. Kali trusts their magic to keep them safe, but they also tend to hire sellswords and bodyguards for the journeys.

Getting a hand on Kali in a torturous way would be ideal for anyone wishing to infiltrate any government or gain insight on the country that even the wisest people do not know. The mysteries inside the library are stored safely inside of the Ravenswood’s warding, but also inside their heads. Being a Ravenswood legacy allows them this privilege of information, especially Kali who is in charge of the Library. Unfortunately, it can also be their greatest threat in the world.


The Ravenswood name has been a legacy and well-known to all generations since the beginning of humankind. A family of exceptionally gifted humans, the legacy has always excelled in keeping secrets a secret and not succumbing to the temptation of revelation. Ravenswood’s are book smart and understand the dangers of revealing too much to too many people. Most people use the Ravenswood Library to keep these opinions sacred. The literature inside the library has both haunted and helped their family. Ravenswood legacies tend to know and understand every type of person and have an unbelievable amount of self-restraint when it comes to sharing knowledge of politics and other important matters or discoveries.

When it comes to Kali Ravenswood directly, they were raised with this legacy in mind. Their parents were not strict or cruel, yet they were extremely critical and supportive at the same time. Kali always believed that their parents were hiding something more from them growing up, which seemed hard to believe given their secretive lifestyle in general. As Kali aged and their magic grew, with practice they were able to continue to access new sections of the library to gain their knowledge and insight further. Kali loved to read all types of literature, from scripts to plays to old tomes and everything in between, but their favorite room of all was that of Graham Forrester, a handsome reaper who was a popular sight in their family history.

Kali has been in charge of the Library since their sixteenth birthday. Over their domain they secure the numerous rooms of the massive library mostly by riddles, trick magic. Kali believes that proof of knowledge and wit to gain access to their rooms is the surefire way to keep most people from actually acquiring it. Unlike their ancestors who never allowed anyone other than a Ravenswood to access all the rooms, Kali is doing things differently. If someone can break through or solve said riddles, Kali will allow access. If not, then they had better be prepared for the consequences. 

A few years ago, Kali’s twin was placed in a magical coma by Reyson due to a life-threatening head injury. Left to their own devices for the last five years have given Kali far too much time alone without their sibling. There is something dangerous they have discovered within the very walls of the Library. It is well beyond what their ancestors realized could be uncovered. Kali has found two ancient sets of scrolls that are connected to old magic and is determined to find the rest.


  • Killian: Their younger twin by two minutes shares an incredible bond with Kali. They are rumored to have magic that hasn’t been discovered yet. Twins who are both magical are greatly unheard of in the community and they were always spoiled by the Guild because of it.
  • Graham: Kali understands the role of this reaper in society and with the Ravenswood legacies and cannot imagine that Graham would ever be interested in them…but Kali cannot help but feel something different whenever they are around.
  • King Nathaniel Athor: Kali highly respects the ruling of the monarchy and hopes that Nathaniel will succeed in spreading the Athor rule further west.
  • Reyson: They cannot help but be short-tempered with this mage due to the state of their twin, even though the anger is misplaced.


  • What do you think your twin was working on that was so dangerous? Do you really think that head injury was random?
  • Have you gotten into trouble out on the road before? What happened?

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