JADE NICOLINE is about 24 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They are known for being a BEEKEEPER and MEMBER within the COVEN OF THE MIGHTY OAK.


Jade dresses in clothes made of flowing fabrics in peaceful colors found in nature. To manage their hair in the windy hills of the little farm outside of Brailston, they opt to keep the locks braided and often adorn them in beads or stones found in the city. Everything about them is smooth and flawless; from the curves of their lips to the deepest hoods of their eyes. They use spells to keep their hands free from callouses and heals any small wounds from their bees. Jade likes being barefooted.

There is an ‘off’ feeling one gets in the presence of Jade and it can cause hesitation to approach them due to certain expressions. People from all over brave their awkwardness in order to sample their goods, and Jade quickly sweeps everyone into their own world once they ensnares them. They often use their magic to quicken the deals and sweeten their profits. It's dangerous to manipulate people this way, but Jade's desperation makes the risk worth it.

Their closeness to Mother Earth makes them very spiritual with nature, and they will pay respect to those animals they have hunted, or give tribute to the gathering of raw materials. No matter their love for nature, their magic of late is being used selfishly to keep her business thriving by any means necessary so they can continue to live their peaceful life away from the noisy cities. This comes to a disadvantage to any competition in neighboring cities who have experienced drought and other ‘unnatural’ occurrences to their farms. Weather manipulation is the newest exploration in their magic, and Jade thoroughly enjoys the fun of it unpredictability. 


Jade grew up like any normal, happy human child in Athoria. When their powers showed in later years, however, their family hesitated to keep them around the other kids, not wanting their family targeted for the onset of magic that they didn’t know existed in their family. They uprooted to live in the countryside so they could practice their craft safely. Their love for nature blossomed further, and they found a connection with earthen magic the more time spent around it.

At seventeen they were surprised by a gentleman knocking on the door looking for their Father. He had a gambling debt that became the truthful reason for moving the family so far into the west, and this man was here to collect. Their Father, unable to comply, offered himself to leave, but in a fit of concern over the household’s survival Jade demanded to take his place. They moved to Brailston with a few other people who had fallen into the same hole as their Father. Those few years were the most stressful of their life. The city was amplified and loud compared to the quiet of the countryside. Jarring noises had them leaping out of their skin on a constant basis which caused them to swell with anxieties and become mute. Fights were frequent in the house between the people trying to work off their debts that left them frightened and many times Jade would have to escape to use their magic for fear of themselves losing control.

When the time came for them to leave, having fulfilled the payment of debt for their family, they fled the city and ended up in the Hallowed Oak. It was there that Matilda found her and offered sanctuary. Jade seemed to find their voice once they realized they would have a new family. Joining the Coven allowed them an opportunity to grow as a witch, and they are now set to forge something new for themselves with a confidence. Their new business is everything to them, and though they haven't seen their family since they left, they know it’s for the better.


  • Matilda Barnes: Without her kindness and understanding, they are sure they would have been lost to her anxieties as a witch.
  • Coven of the Mighty Oak: They love them more than anything in the world, and they have practically replaced their old family and life forever.
  • Carter Perkins: They supply the ale-master with a steady supply of the best honey.
  • Vera: They haven't seen their childhood friend in many years without good reason. 
  • Theo: The tax collector triggers Jade from their experience in Brailston. 


  • What’s the worst weather you’ve ever produced? Was it on accident or purpose?
  • Are there any other raw ingredients from nature you find easy to work with?


  • Jade's faceclaim is open and up to the roleplayer. Please submit your faceclaim with your audition.

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