IVAR CALLUM is roughly 30 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble MICHIEL HUISMAN and is currently the LIEUTENANT of THE EMERALD HAND.


Very few people will look Ivar’s way due to their unassuming appearance. With their dark hair, average height, and slim build they are often overlooked in large crowds. They seem to always carry a sly expression, donning a smile that suggests they’re in on a joke no one else knows about. They carry themselves with arrogance and Ivar’s hands are always busy. In idle conversation their nimble fingers can be seen toying with a coin or one of their prized daggers. There is a greed to Ivar’s gaze that others find unsettling, causing many to be wary around them. The Lieutenant is often seen wearing a altered version of The Emerald Hand’s armor which is a symbol of their status.

Ivar is well known for being untrustworthy. They are a habitual liar, leaving their peers unable to discern their truths from lies. To say they have a silver tongue is an understatement. There is a certain magic to Ivar that makes others unreasonably susceptible to their manipulations. They are sly, lethal, and will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals of one day dethroning Jiayang from their spot as Tyche in their guild. 

Between bossing their subordinates around or lazing about in Grimsby, Ivar is on a mission to find out the truth about their magic. Recently Ivar has discovered an old journal from Aerion, the previous Hermes of The Emerald Hand, stating that they witnessed Ivar perform magic in their past. Now, Ivar is certain that if they can figure out how to wield and unlock their magic once again, they will be able to use it to bring down Jiayang and take The Emerald Hand for himself. 


Ivar was born in Leeds to a small coven of mages. Throughout their entire childhood, it was expected that they would one day come into their powers. When they finally reached their teenage years, it became apparent that Ivar didn’t inherit his family’s gifts. Once that realization settled in, Ivar was thrown into the streets and forbidden to return to their home. They considered them tainted and their presence a curse. The only kind gesture their kin offered was a small purse of gems so that they may live on comfortably.

That same night, Ivar stole a horse and rode as far from Leeds as they could. They stopped in Grimsby for rest, only to be robbed of their gems by a common mugger. Something awoken inside of Ivar at the crime. In a fit of rage, they lunged for the mugger. It was then that the shadows around Ivar grabbed the robber and suffocated them mid-air. They dropped to the ground dead at Ivar’s feet. Shocked and feeling disoriented, Ivar passed out. When they awoke, the robber was gone and their gems were intact, making Ivar believe that they had hallucinated the entire thing or had dreamed it. 

Aerion discovered Ivar and offered to take the teenager under their wing. By the time they were twenty, they were considered to be one of the deadliest assassins in Athoria. They rose through the guild’s ranks with ease, soon rising to Lieutenant. Aerion was pruning Ivar to eventually take over, yet when the time came for their leader’s mantle to pass onto them, Ivar was overlooked in favor of his subordinate, Jiaying. 

Today, Ivar strives to dethrone them and knows that if they can unlock their magical powers then this task will be much more fruitful. In truth, they hardly care about the misfortune surrounding their subordinates, as long as their own luck remains in tact. Ivar doesn’t openly add fuel to the fires of discord, but behind the scenes they play their part. Only time will tell if they’ll truly come out on top.


  • Jiaying: Ivar doesn’t think their leader is fit to rule The Emerald Hand and secretly plots their downfall.
  • Felix: Ivar and Felix have a vast history of heists together. Now that Felix is retired, Ivar hopes to use them to their advantage.
  • Donnie: There is a kindred between these two friends due to their similar history. Unfortunately their paths went a different direction and they haven’t spoken in some time.
  • Neasa: They saw them hunting with magic near the mountains outside Grimsby and wants to know who they are. 


  • Why do you think you’re better fit to lead The Emerald Hand?
  • Have you reached out to any mages yet about discovering your magic? How do you keep this a secret from your guild?

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