Despite their looks, Galene is easily overlooked in a crowd. They have an unassuming appearance and are often dressed in dark colors. Depending on their moods, and especially during a full moon, they can be seen in all white. Signifying their worship of Mother Moon, they always wear a crescent-shaped Moonstone around their neck. Harnessing light from the moon comes naturally due to their religion and has become their primary magical focus. Scars from vampire bites are peppered across their frame, having been the victim of several feedings. The scent of various oils clings to Galene’s person due to their profession, leaving behind a pleasant odor wherever they travel.

Those that meet Galene would call them distant, strange and extremely paranoid. They’ve been glamoured so many times that they live in a constant state of uncertainty. Due to many coerced suggestion, Galene’s mind is convinced that they shouldn’t stray too far from Night Haven’s city limits. Luckily, their confused state of mind has allowed them to travel, and Brailston’s diverse vampire population has made these effects dwindle immensely.

Galene has trouble tapping into their magical abilities. Sometimes they are skillful at their craft, while other times they have difficulty remembering even the most menial magical spells. They can sometimes be seen talking to someone who isn’t there when this anxiety gets the better of them. Galene is not hallucinating this person. A Specter has found a connection to them and refuses to leave their side.  

Any who might visit Galene’s apartment will see that their walls are covered in mirrors both large and small. Some might call it an obsession, though even Galene isn’t entirely sure why they’ve decorated their home in such a manner. It may have to do with the affliction placed on them from their past. 


Born in Miervaldis to the dwindling Marzena line, Galene had the promising upbringing of gifted children in the city. Their father was a member of the Magic Guild, working there as a teacher and an investigator. He was often tasked with seeking out new and dangerous mages who needed proper guidance. Those that were too dangerous would have their magic banished, or they would be burned at the stake. Galene wanted nothing more than to follow in their father’s footsteps. They found the idea of helping and taking down dangerous mages exciting. Confident in their skills and prowess, Galene’s father decided to start bringing them along in some instances.

Their last investigation was supposed to be an easy one. It turned out the warlock they were looking for was a Necromancer who’d taken a particular interest in trying to control vampires. Galene’s father perished in the magical bout, leaving them behind to fight alone. Instead of killing Galene, the warlock had a better idea and decided to curse them with an experimental spell. Galene was forced to see the real physical characteristics of every vampire, which means Galene is unable to witness their flawless skin and features, only seeing the monster that lies underneath. The warlock shoved them through a portal leading to the very heart of Night Haven out of spite, Galene never saw the warlock again.

It has been five years since Galene was cast there. Their memories of their life before Night Haven are often blurry and perceived as dreams. They’ve adapted to their life and make a decent living crafting candles though they aren’t entirely sure how they know this craft. With very little friends, the company they mostly keep is a lonely Specter that stays by their side consistently. More recently, Galene finds themselves straying further and further from Night Haven’s city limits. The urge to return seems to be fading and, soon enough, they just may walk away for good. They want to join the Athorian Kingdom and be a part of the bigger vision for the country, and also help their invisible friend move on. 


  • Ravenswoods: Galene’s family knew the Ravenswoods very well growing up, and they want to search for the twins they once called friends.
  • Claudine: Galene is suspicious of this witch giving up their magic to become a vampire. 
  • Phillip: This vampire is very interested in them but Galene is scared of them. 
  • Jiaying: Galene left a mirror in their possession on accident, they hope it hasn’t caused any issues for this person. 
  • Oluchi: This witch is the key to finding out how to help their friend, they know it.
  • King Nathaniel: Galene is in awe with the King and wants to be apart of his kingdom if he will have her. 


  1. Have you been in the Ivory Tower and met the beautiful and prestigious vampires of the Midnight Congregation? If not, do you want too?
  2. Have you any leads on helping your specter friend discover how they died? Do you really want them to move on? Won’t you be lonely?

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