ERIS MCKENNA is roughly 37 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble CARICE VAN HOUTEN and are known to be a PYROMANCER in LEEDS.


Eris is tall and famously known throughout Leeds to be striking in appearance. From their nearly flawless skin to their bright blue eyes, they have a body built to the draw the gaze of others. The most prominent of their features is their blood-red hair that hangs well past their shoulders. They take pride in their looks and dress fashionably to match them. In fouler moods, Eris tends to care less about their appearance and will appear older than they usually appear.

Wild and unpredictable, many believe Eris to be an incarnation of fire itself. They are easily riled up and are known to lash out on those who offend them. Even in childhood, the Witch has dealt with temperamental issues and never learned to put a damper on them. Over the years, they have stylized themselves as a Pyromancer and prefers using spells involving burning and flames. Eris often succumbs to pyrophilia; they are completely obsessed with fire and everything concerning the element.

Despite their manic behavior, Eris is very intelligent. They possess great knowledge of the Dark Arts on a nearly encyclopedic level and has a photographic memory.


Born to a small coven of White Witches, Eris had always known that they were something more than human. Their mother often told them that they were special and urged them to hone their gifts when they manifested. But meddling in evil practices weren’t what they had in mind. In their teenage years, Eris’ gifts began to bloom and with them came an interest in the Dark Arts. Against their mother’s wishes, Eris learned all they could about magic and the power it could give them. They constantly rebelled and sought out Demon-worshiping cults to help gain power, but some were just groups of pretenders while others were all too real.

Abandoning their Coven around the age of twenty, they witnessed their first summoning of a lesser demon and later began attempts themselves.  Eris, ever the perfectionist, tried their hand at summoning one more powerful. At the sacrifice of their own life-force, they managed to summon a High Demon called Xaphan, the being that kept the fires of Hell constantly burning. In exchange for their mother’s soul, Xaphan would increase Eris’ affinity with fire. 

Eris obliged, making the proper arrangements before summoning the demon once more. They burned their mother alive, fed the soul to Xaphan and received their gift. For years they traveled all over Athoria harvesting hidden secrets from various circles. Enticing great leaders as a lover and consort was all a game to them. And when it suited Eris, they reduced the victims to ashes. Today, they are still up to their old tricks, setting their sights on Athorian lords instead. In the magical community, Eris is known as a Pyromancer. Mages looking for spells, guidance, or knowledge in fire magic may seek assistance from Eris. Their help does not come without a price, one that is paid with fire and blood.


  • Major: They are interested in meeting with Major to learn more about their obsession with vampire burning's. 
  • Kali: Eris has never been able to infiltrate the Ravenswood Library but now that a young witch is overseeing it they think it might be time to try again. 
  • Theo: Eris is looking to seduce the Lord Theo hoping they carry a secret about the Athorian Kingdom. 


  • Did you have any regrets about sacrificing your mother?
  • Do you have a favorite type of fire spell?

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