CONWAY is roughly 72 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble ROBERT DI NIRO and are known to be a CURSE BREAKER and RUNE MASTER in the MAGIC GUILD.


Conway has taken up an accepted reputation for styling themselves in pops of lively color. Eccentric hues vary from horrid patterned knitted tunics to stunning hand made vests and suits when attending court. For any dealings with business related to the Guild, they will appear in the traditional mage robes. Their age is apparent with fine lines around their face, primarily between their eyes from a constant thoughtful expression. Their illustrations range from the unreadable to a broad consuming smile.

Being a warlock has gifted them an opportunity to age slower than an average human, but Conway has kept their body in exceedingly well shape through practiced meditative pilates and defensive training.

Conway has an ability to pull out a deep center in everyone around them. Their mental calm is expressive. They are a civil mediator and will often place themselves between a feud to assist with an argument and resolve it without expected aggression. This has given them a reputation in the political community, and Conway has often been summoned to Court to assist in such meetings.

Their connection to the Earth is profound and is a clear reflection of who they are as a person. Conway often meditates, finding stretches of their life filled with utter silence if necessary. Because of their chosen isolation in their age, Conway can be very forgetful and found muttering to themselves in different tongues or traveling to cities without recalling why they had the desire to go there. The Guild believes this is due to the many curses they have been subjected to over their long life.

Being a curse breaker against items and treasures takes patience that only Conway has obtained through experience. They can speak multiple old languages and has been recently hired by the Church of Athoria to investigate anything dangerous. They take almost no elated pride in their work, but Conway believes that it is their only reason for being on Earth. People pay them generously for their discretion in dealings, and in turn Conway uses the money to maintain a decent life.


Conway had no inclination to the magic in their veins until one night when they were twelve a Fae came to them. The pair became close companions over the years, which opened their eyes to all that they could be. They were the first of his family ever to contain magic as far as they knew, but that was far from the truth. The powerful fae who visited Conway as a child had gifted their familial ancestors themselves. Though Conway is unaware of such a phenomenal opportunity they had grown up with, the Fae never told them such secrets and never saw them again.

Conway lead a healthy life for many years, soon married, and had a daughter. Upon her eighteen birthday, she was gifted a necklace by an unknown adversary. All day the warlock had a horrible instinctual feeling something bad was to happen, and they witnessed the actual extent of evil when the necklace wrapped around their daughter’s neck and clung to her skin in a shearing heat that completely engulfed her in flames within seconds. Forced to the disturbing reality of what just happened, Conway spent the entirety of their younger life in search for this person who harmed their family. They never did discover who sent such an object.

It was then that Conway sought to aid others suffering under the assault of such magical items and curses. Making it their life mission to learn all they could, Conway travels all over the country to maintain better mental balance they need in order to get over the revenge they still desire.


  • Kori: They treat the young human as their own child and would go to any lengths to be sure they are safe.
  • King Nathaniel: Was always impressed watching Conway handle negotiations in court between nobles and is interested in personally inviting him to the castle for lunch. 
  • Reyson: Conway will never forget when Reyson's crimes became open to the community. 


  • Is there a magical artifact that you should have destroyed but didn’t?
  • How was it learning your magic with the Fae?

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