AALIYAH TENNEY is 32 YEARS OLD and is a GIFTED HUMAN. They resemble GINA RODRIGUEZ and are known for being a MASTER HEALER and MEMBER within the COVEN OF THE MIGHTY OAK.


Aaliyah is obsessed with health and learned at a young age to harness white healing magic. Their vanity is corrupt, finding it difficult to go anywhere without over-thinking everything they are wearing with detailed scrutiny. Even when required to get dirty, they are determined to accomplish the task in a way that wouldn’t tarnish their looks if someone were to see. They take immediate pleasure in things given to them, finding themselves seeking people who will spoil them with material objects so that they feels better about themselves.

There is a hidden fragility in them that comes out around people of power. They are easily convinced that their choices and decisions for them are the better options. This instinct has given them a higher quality of life than they would have ever had without them. For this reason, they are well protected by the members of their coven and will often be accompanied by friends when they set out to work in the cities.

Aaliyah despises unhealthy foods, and alcohol or drug use curls their lips in disgust from their childhood growing up in the Hallowed Oak. Their obsession with staying healthy has encouraged them to dabble in cooking, alongside potion making. Sometimes they will go out of their way to meet with well-renowned chefs to sample their food. Their refined palette is one that is appreciated by a few shops after so many years of their opinions.


Aaliyah grew up in the Hallowed Oak under the guidance of the Coven of the Mighty Oak. Their parents had only ever known the woods and worked with magic similar to their own in healing properties. They love their clan and the stability they provided gave them a profound opportunity to explore their craft to a master’s level. They are the clan's main healer, surpassing all the elders much to their pride. When Matilda offered some of their clan members to leave the woods and explore the world, Aaliyah was one of the first to take the opportunity. Setting off immediate for the Southwind Fortress to see the grandeur of Trinity Bay.

It was there they witnessed an event unlike anything they ever thought possible. The mermaids below the bridge had lured a group of men to stand upon its edges. The guards there were trying to get them not to jump– but it seemed the mermaids remained set on convincing them otherwise. Eager to help, they ran forward to stop them, using their magic to try to force them from the edge. The mermaids had other plans and sang a song to confuse everyone on the bridge. It was the first time they felt under a spell– feeling compelled to peer over the lip of the railing themselves, now standing like the others and ready to jump to what would be their death. A snarling man with strange animalistic features leaped over the wall and appeared before everyone, laughing excitedly and keeping everyone back. Aaliyah snapped out of the trance and turned to help the others who were in various states of shock. 

They decided to stay at this trading town, attempting to learn more about the species they are new to knowing and just how they can aid them with their craft – especially the werewolves and their kin. Aaliyah is fascinated by their natural healing properties and is something they are desperate to understand.


  • Matilda: Of all the leaders, they have only known Matilda’s leadership, and they are determined to make them proud while setting out to explore the world. 
  • Coven of the Mighty Oak: Their loyalty has only ever known this coven, and they will do anything to keep them safe and happy. 
  • Donnie: They witnessed their terrifying attack in the Hallowed Oak and saved their life by nursing them back to health. To this day, they don't see them as much but they do think about them very often. 
  • Sinder: The Fae who protects the gardens finds speaking to Aaliyah strange when they begin talking about their appearance. 
  • Nita: Aaliyah purchases spices for their potions from the werewolf finding they always have the freshest ingredience. 


  • How much time have you spent in the Gardens? 
  • Do you believe any species shouldn’t be extended your kindness when it comes to healing?

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