SINDER is a 300 year old DARK FAERIE. They can be mistaken as ZAYN MALIK and is an known to be a HERBOLOGIST in ELYSIAN GARDENS.


Sinder has a voice unlike any other, and it matches their handsome features and beautiful aura. Those that come in contact with Sinder seem to be able to catch a breath of fresh air. They have a smile that can cure any thoughts of sadness, and their presence alone can heal any wounds of the mind. They dress to fit in with the nature around them, constantly shrouded in the magical landscape of the Elysian Gardens. When seen in the cities, Sinder catches the eyes of many folks, not necessarily by their dress but because there is something radiant about them that draws people near.

Sinder has a formidable past with the Circle of Light that has tainted his soul. This darkness residing inside of them is masked and he does well to keep it hidden, though it can be difficult. His dark urges will slither out in unique ways – an accidental killing or sacrifice, or maybe leading travelers astray in the Gardens instead of keeping a watchful eye on them. Sinder despises this side of them. This has caused a challenge in making friends and keeping friends, and trusting others in general.

Most days Sinder can be found inside of the Gardens where they have built their home, a heavily warded abode that they find refuge in when the dark urges are overwhelming. Sometimes their muffled screams can be heard from behind the warding by certain supernaturals with more enhanced hearing. Otherwise, Sinder keeps the Gardens ripe and aids in the many magical blooms that are beautiful and contradict what tainted magic is inevitably inside of them. Their passion for herbology allows them to contribute to society by providing mages with ingredients to help other people. At the end of the day, Sinder knows that it is only a matter of time before the corruption takes over completely. They fear becoming like their tainted fae, such as the Djinn or Changelings.


Sinder’s familial lineage in the Circle of Light came with expectations. Like most newborn fae of these descendants, they were tasked with guarding the portals around the country to make sure that nothing dangerous traveled to the Realm of Seven Islands from Earth, and vice versa. Sinder was able to move their portal all over, allowing them to travel early in their years on Earth. They did not detest this job, feeling honored and proud to protect their homeland with the hope of one day rejoining his family in the realm. Sinder also was able to spend important time with his twin sibling, Remy.

Unfortunately, Sinder suffered a horrible fate. About fifty years ago, an utterly evil witch from Leeds tracked them down and attempted to travel to the Realm of Seven Islands through their portal. A great battle commenced between the opponents. It was the strongest and most powerful being that Sinder had ever faced, and the witch won the battle. The mage cast a demonic spell on Sinder, causing them to be temporarily bound to the witch. The spell dug at the insides of Sinder’s fae soul, causing an irreversible darkness to manifest. The witch was one of the first to successfully travel to the Realm of Seven Islands and steal magic from the other dimension. Sinder aided the witch unwillingly, and when they came too they were put on trial by the Circle of Light. Unfortunately, Sinder was banished from the society and disowned by their family for their disobedience.

Though parts of Sinder feel as though their sentencing was unfair, they are more focused now on retaining whatever good they have inside of them before corruption takes over indefinitely.    


  • Alduin: Sinder refers to Alduin as their “miracle friend”, as they both do their best to escape their corruption.
  • Remy: As their birth twin, Sinder relies on Remy’s free-spirit and adventurous lifestyle to live vicariously through. Sinder wishes Remy would be more careful regarding their portal so they do not suffer the same fate as they did.
  • Kali: The witch is set on showing anything overly exciting they find in the library to Sinder.
  • Aaliyah: Because of the needed flowers and herbs for their alchemy they frequent trips into the Gardens. 


  • What will you do once corruption has officially taken over your body and soul?
  • Do you think the Athor reign will be successful?

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