REMY is a 300 YEARS OLD and is a FAERIE. They resemble TUPPENCE MIDDLETON and are known to be a PROTECTOR in the CIRCLE OF LIGHT.


Remy’s humanoid appearance is deathly beautiful. They change their hair often but tends to keep it short cut. Their skin is pale and aligned with sharp features that are captivating. Remy, unlike most fae, stays inside their human form for extended periods of time, and to an outside member of society they appear more human every day they do not orb. This has caused some problems with them and their powers, finding it difficult to orb at times of distress or peril, due to always being in her human state.

Remy is protective — overly so. They would easily and carelessly take on some of the biggest and baddest the country has to offer if it meant protecting someone they care about. If Remy cares about you they will do just about whatever it takes to let you know it. However, they struggle using this protectiveness to do their job in The Circle of Light. Remy fails to protect a majority of the portals they are charged with, often getting bored or distracted from their task.  

They hate being alone, so hanging out in popular taverns and places of entertainment around the entire is common. But because of their gullibility and need for companionship, Remy has made some bad decisions in their life. People tend to use them for their friendship, knowing they’ll do anything to feel part of the group. They have killed and stolen before in the name of friendship and has even had a warrant out for their arrest before.

Because of their training with the Circle of Light, this Fae had experienced attempted brainwashing into believing that opposing supernaturals were the enemy, and this affects them sometimes today. Although their curious nature makes it hard for them to stay away, they try their best not to mingle around different kinds. Not so much out of hate for them, but more so because they were told not to. However, having a record for not listening too well to authority, they tend to break this rule a lot.


Remy was born a twin to full blooded Fae who are highly involved with the Circle of Light. It is common for families to grow up in the Circle of Light, and so it was expected of Remy to follow in their footsteps alongside their sibling, Sinder. The brainwashing started early as the Counsel Members made it very clear that other supernaturals were not to be trusted, and their training about protecting the portals was vivid. But there was something different about Remy…they were very strong, especially for their young age, and they did not take to the brainwashing like the other Fae. While fellow Fae children followed order, Remy had a hard time believing everything that was told to them.They had little interest protecting the portals, determined to find fun elsewhere.

The relationship between Remy and their parents is an extremely difficult, and one they like to avoid it as much as possible. Their parents were ashamed of their powers, wishing they had just fallen into line like they were supposed to, and they abused them for it until they were old enough to step aside. Though they are still in contact, Remy attempts to stay away from the elder members of The Circle of Light as much as possible. They knows that they are tempting their  fate within the organization by not doing their job to protect the portals, but it is a price they are willing to pay for having endured their past. Remy wants to be their own person, regardless if that means being taken advantage of or not. 


  • Sinder: When Sinder was banished from The Circle of Light and from all familial ties, Remy took it the hardest. They make it a point to visit Sinder at the Elysian Gardens extremely often, and usually stays at their home when life out in the country tends to get the better of them.
  • Marrada: Remy runs a lot of strange and suspicious errands for Marrada whenever they are in Leeds.
  • Kori & Conway: Remy has made many trips to visit the pair in Miervaldis between their duties. 
  • Alduin: Remy is glad that their twin has such a close companion. 


  • Why do you let people walk all over you? What is your definition of “friendship”?
  • Aren’t you worried about something nasty getting through one of the portals you are supposed to protect?

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