NEASA is 1450 years old and is a FAE. They resemble ANNA SILK and is known to being a MYTH HUNTER and an AFFILIATE in the CIRCLE OF LIGHT.


With the windblown hair of a traveler and the grit of last night’s battle still clinging to their skin, Neasa is a real hunter even down to their rough appearance. Furs and leathers adorn and hang from her body, keeping their temperature modest at all times to brace for the drastically different climates they traverse. Around their hips, one can find a belt holding various purses and weapons, along with tools like grappling hooks used to catch up with prey. Neasa is known to forge their own weapons but they also find the new-aged weapons brought over from Vinsor to be equally as effective, which brings them to Dragon’s Lair in the nicer months to purchase those weapons of interest.

Neasa may appear stocky and tall, but they use flexibility and a little magic to sneak through small passageways and maneuver around traps of all sorts with the utmost ease. Neasa carries a dominating personality mixed with a sense of humor. While they have been hardened by their long and often dangerous adventures throughout their life, they still love to smile, finding their wit and sarcasm usually the cause of much laughter. Their life resides in solitude, and outside of the clan they are rarely seen by others except in glimpses among the forest, and the rare times they must peak into taverns and shops.

Although Neasa no longer protects the portals leading back to The Realm of Seven Islands, being an Affiliate with the Circle of Light allows them easy passage to and from the realm, and also allows them to be friends with the Protectors. Neasa enjoys offering advice to these young Fae children if they come across them.


Neasa knew from the moment they walked on Earth that they wanted to protect it. Being older gave them a deeper insight into the real importance such a role of guarding the portals meant to their Realm. For just a century or two Neasa was a Protector in the Circle of Light but quickly realized that they were being called to a different fate. Neasa’s passion for the country in which the portals resided was stronger than most new Fae children, and Neasa vowed to not only protect the Fae’s protecting the portals, but also to keep the country itself in natural order.

During these early years of exploring Athoria they wrestled with giants, brought Angels to their knees, and rendezvoused with what they assumed was gods and monsters mightier than any mortal had before – so they figured.

Myths and Legends and other species of Athoria are under the watchful eye of Neasa and always will be. They strive to hunt down any creature big as a dragon or as small as a troll to be certain they are not on a path of destruction aimed at ruining their home. Species need to be wary of this Fae as their drive is the main focus without concern to life if it should walk that path.


  • Eliza: Ever since hearing about Eliza's Great Eagles story they know the story is true and want to speak to them. 
  • Que: They want their scythe to add to their massive collection and they believe that particular reaper will provide the easiest access to one.


  • Are there any “natural” disasters from these myths and legends that you have prevented?
  • If your such a good myth hunter, why haven’t you gotten passed the Great Eagles in the Wasteland?

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