CONSTANTINE is over 3000 YEARS OLD and is a FAERIE. They resemble HARRY SHUM JR and is known to be a LIAISON in the BLOODHAWKS.


Glitter, sparkles and an alluring gaze are guaranteed company when in the presence of Constantine. They are a master at faking their expressions and leaving people in a constant state of wonder or confusion. It is difficult to know exactly what is going on inside of Constantine’s head. They wear a multitude of different types of makeup and always smell radiant and unreal. Their garb consists of many colors and layers, along with rare and expensive types of velvet or other specific materials that can only be seen inside the royal castle. Constantine is in extraordinary shape and his beautiful humanoid form can pull any type of person under their natural hypnotizing spell.

Constantine is able to blend into conversations easily by walking around topics, asking vague yet personal questions or acting as though they know exactly what is going on at all times, even if they don’t. When speaking with Constantine, they give you their full attention to make you feel important and special, but this is mostly for Constantine’s own benefit and never yours. They walk a fine line when it comes to lying and understands the fatal consequences if they were to be untrue, but so far they have mastered the ability of sidestepping quite well.

Constantine acts as a liaison for the Athorian government to outside cities and persons. Surprisingly, the Faerie thoroughly agrees with the ruling of a monarchy and appreciated the laws set down by Franco Athor. Since Constantine was not given a fair chance at life on The Realm of Seven Islands, they have taken it upon themselves to be a spokesperson of sorts to the people in the rest of the country, especially Leeds. When there is a major disagreement between two parties, Constantine’s services might be requested to settle the matter by abiding to the laws of the Athorian Monarchy. This is a simple yet nonchalant effective way to raise awareness of the monarchy and government practices in the country in hopes that one day the reign of the Athor’s can spread. Some persons gravely disagree with this type of infiltration while others are adhering quite nicely. Constantine’s ability to identity and pinpoint lies and ulterior motives, or to bravely call businessmen out on their cons or unfairness (mixed with the fact that the Faerie cannot lie) is a surefire way of making sure that the proper agreement has been made. Those that break these agreements are sentenced according to the monarchy laws.

The Faerie lives a lavishing lifestyle and uses their magic to decorate their homes in various material items and to glamour new outfits. Constantine feeds from the happy emotions of others in order to secure their own insecurities. Some say this is because Constantine lost themselves inside their ancient crypt for thousands of years and that recreating those feelings is what keeps them alive today. After spending almost eternity in darkness, Constantine is promising themselves the life they were never offered on their homeland.


In The Realm Of Seven Islands, Constantine was known as The Guilty One. Sentenced to a life inside of an unbreakable tomb for the rest of eternity, Constantine believed for thousands of years that they would never see the light of day again. Their brother, Kostya, came to the tomb and spoke to Constantine through the warding as often as they could. But it was difficult. Kostya heard of plans from The Circle of Light to permanently eliminate Constantine, and this could not happen. Kostya created a portal to earth and tossed the tomb through it, where it landed in The Wasteland.

The Great Eagles, protectors of The Wasteland where The City of Fern is hidden, saw the tomb and with their great claws, picked it up and dropped it near the Western Bay coastline. It was there that the tomb was pried open by a curious human. They were free. Constantine gifted the human who released them with strands of their own hair as a reward. 

Today, Constantine does not trust easy and will almost always test a person before they try to get inside of their life, whether that be in friendship or something intimate. There is a loathing side to Constantine that is difficult to subdue; an evil that makes them want to spread darkness all across the country, starting with the members of The Circle of Light. Constantine has been linked to mages in Leeds that have started to dabble in demonic magicks. It has been several years since Constantine’s escape. Though they have enjoyed living the lavish lifestyle, they believe it is time to make a larger move towards their true enemy…The Circle of Light. 


  • Eliza: Constantine thinks this human is funny and amusing, and makes sure to keep them safe however they can.
  • Neasa: They are sure that eventually this myth hunter will come looking for them one day. Constantine is more then ready for that day to come.
  • King Nathaniel: Constantine agrees with Nathaniel’s ruling and hopes to help implement the monarchy. Their input is recognized and considered among the court which allows Constantine to feel appreciated.
  • Mia: What a curious person. Constantine follows them about without too much meddling. 
  • Kei: The jailer is their closest companion, the Fae often keeping them company when they are too busy. 


  • How do you avoid corruption after all the evil that you seem to accomplish? Aren’t you afraid that one day it will all catch up to you?
  • What made you take the position in the Athorian Government as a Bloodhawk? 

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