⇻ CELESTE is over 3000+ YEARS OLD and is a FAE. They resemble JADA SMITH and is known for being a COUNSEL MEMBER in the CIRCLE OF LIGHT, as well as a SHOP KEEP and SOUL COLLECTOR.


Earth is not home for Celeste. This extraordinary faerie wears their disgust for the planet as clear as day. The only thing that Celeste sees Earth for is its sustenance of human souls which keeps the Fae realm clean and pure from monsters. Each step feels miscalculated. Each breathe of the air feels unnatural. Celeste is fascinated by their human form and is impressed with the way the country has manifested. However, they care for The Realm of Seven Islands above all, and do not think the inhabitants of Athoria worthy of much else than energy.

Celeste has taken to unique arrays of clothing that seem to match their personality quite well. It is obvious to onlookers that Celeste is from an entirely different existence, and although some people are drawn to them due to their natural Fae glamour, most tend to become frightened or alarmed at their snappy exterior. Celeste is expressive and has a sharp tongue, yet they are anxious with new people and can sometimes make rash decisions based on paranoia. They like the sensation of touch and are always holding something in their hands, like a coin flipping through their fingers or brushing their nails against the tips of a feather.

When intrigued, Celeste will give their full attention, yet they also have selective hearing which can cause them to miss important pieces of information. If the conversation or entertainment is not keeping their interest, Celeste will become hostile. Celeste’s shop resides in Brailston City but they own a glorious, gaudy looking carriage that attracts attention where they go while selling their potions and tobacco products. Being unable to lie about the truths behind these special concoctions, Celeste has a way with their words that make everything sound necessary. 

Their business is a front to encourage desirable, selfish needs in others; like love potions or liquid luck. In reality, when enjoyed by particular humans Celeste decides aren’t worth their life on Earth, they attach a leash of magic to their souls. Slowing siphoning their soul energy until they perish and Celeste can collect it without much detection. They are well aware that this type of darker magick and manipulation has the potential to corrupt them, yet for some reason, the risk seems worth it. At least right now. 

Celeste has come to Earth bitterly for the first time in over thousands over years. They claim to be on a mission from The Counsel of The Circle of Light. However, Celeste has personal business to deal with as well. 


Celeste resided on Earth while the humans existed on its soils and participated in bringing souls to the Realm to help it sustain. It was both a new beginning for the Fae and Earth when they realized they would procreate and with this discovery, Celeste had their first child.

They were an Elf that gave Celeste a purpose. Celeste stayed on Earth until the child was taken away from them and hidden in The City of Fern among other Elves. This city, located somewhere in The Wasteland Region, was hidden by new magicks that even Fae could not break through. Devastated about losing their child, Celeste returned to The Realm of Seven Islands with a heavy heart, and it only grew more angry and bitter as time passed between the two realms.

Celeste was the first of their Fae bloodline to join The Counsel where they thrived in containing and accounting for the human souls that continued to replenish their planet. They had been known to request too many out of spite, and had been scolded several times for their rash behavior. Still, they held power and authority, and for thousands of years Celeste controlled the influx of souls, making sure that their planet stayed beautiful at the cost of Earth.

The Fae kept watch of earth, many creating lives among the humans. The Protectors obeyed Celeste and reported to them, but lately Celeste has become worried. With the death of Franco Athor and the rise of the new King Nathaniel, the Faerie is unsure if Earth can sustain the tragic events that have happened since his Coronation. Celeste volunteered to go to Earth and retain order with the Protectors and the stray Fae. They are ready to be in a position to collect as many souls as possible when tragedy befalls Athoria.


  • Constantine: Celeste believes that everything Constantine touches turns into corruption, and has made it their personal mission to capture The Guilty One since their escape.
  • Neasa: An old friend from the Realm, Celeste hopes that Neasa will aid them in their more personal tasks and goals.
  • Protectors: Celeste has an authoritative stance with the Protectors and is determined to make sure they are doing their job while living on earth as planned. Celeste plans on sending any Protectors that have strayed too far away from home back to The Realm of Seven Islands immediately for re-training.
  • Reapers: Celeste believes that Reapers are the root cause of a recent decline in human souls to the Realm of Seven Islands. They believe they are owed these souls and will do whatever it takes to obtain them.
  • King Nathaniel: The King had a bad reaction to something Celeste gave to them, and with it brewed an uneasiness to the Fae.


  1. What sort of example can you give about the brainwashing techniques used on new Protectors? 
  2. Are you worried about crossing a line when it comes to corruption? Do you think lying and being deceitful are the same thing?

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