ALDUIN is roughly 270 YEARS OLD yet appears in their TWENTIES and is a FAERIE. They resemble ALFRED LEWIS and are a CHIMNEY SWEEPER.


Finding their voice has always been an up-hill battle for Alduin. They still find it difficult to speak up while on Earth. They are observant of their surroundings, finding joy in keeping busy which has lead to a liberal fascination with the human race. Alduin often dresses like the towns they are residing in when they are not working. Even trying trades that are popular over the many years before they founded their primary business. They yearn to learn the accents and dialects to fit in as much as possible, mimicking habits and body language they notice while spending time in particular towns has given them a confusing aura to most humans who can’t place where they were born.

Alduin loves magic almost as if they are a young child. They take every opportunity to experiment with the elements while they are traveling through the Hallowed Oak or Crescent Grove. Finding earth magic to be the most natural to wield, Alduin is always toying and playing with different ways to enhance the beauty of the lands. Especially the Elysian Gardens so they can hope to see their best friend Sinder smile more.

They have a natural inclination to submissive behavior around dominate people, lowering their eyes, or losing their voice all over again. But in the right environment, beautiful rare parts of their unique and loving personality flourish from the repressed life they led. Constantly they are surprised to discover what it is they like and dislike, earning an opinion on anything a constant thrill.


Long ago, Alduin dreamed of being in an important position at the Circle of Light to protect the portals. They wanted to be strong and brave, but it wasn’t entirely of their core nature to be, and instead was tasked with watching over Crescent Grove. As time passed, these fantasies became lucid during the day time, luring the young Fae towards the realm of Dreams until they fell into a reality and prison by their personal design.

For more than half his life Alduin lived in and out of the Dream Realm, they played host to their fantasies to a very dangerous point where towards the end of that time frame corruption took hold as a monster. Though mostly diminished from the Realm, stories lurked in the shadows of their conscious about what those creatures were, and as their magic came alive in irreplaceable ways. They lived in a nightmare to the point where desperation to escape became their only objective. Trapped in the Dream Realm forced them to consume many souls of humans to survive, which caused Alduin to mentally break.  

Eventually, one of their kindred rescued them but the damage and the reality that they were on a path of turning into a monster like the Djinn left Alduin in bad shape for numerous years. Now they live among the humans, set on discovering everything they can about their culture and just what it means to be free from themselves.


  • Sinder: It took great courage to find Sinder after they were banished from the Circle of Light. The two are now best friends.
  • Sophia: There is something really curious about Sophia's reactions around them that serves to bring Alduin back often. 
  • Tova: Alduin is treated extremely special whenever they come to work at the massive estate in Crescent Grove.
  • Constantine: Of anyone to meet within such a complicated situation, Alduin is thankful it was a Fae as powerful as Constantine.


  • Are you scared of sleeping? Do you still have nightmares?
  • What did you do for Crescent Grove? Do you visit often?

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