ZADKIEL is an IMMORTAL and came to Earth about 20 YEARS AGO. They are an POWER OF MERCY currently on a divine mission as a GUARDIAN ANGEL. They resemble GAL GADOT.


The holy presence of Zadkiel is hard to miss since they do not make many attempts to hide it. There is an exhausting burden that often riddles their expressions into a head tilt weighed in confusion or a frown of impatience. No longer residing in heaven makes the Angel feel incomplete, and Zadkiel is known for a direct bluntness to their examinations of any species on earth or when answering a question that they feel deserves no reply. Speaking in mysterious ways isn’t out of necessity so much as fun for the Angel and can grace the lands with a smile.

Typically seen with a holy dagger encased in silver and gold decorations, this unique weapon can be used to cut into someones soul and weigh their karma. They are a fierce fighter which leaves them open to engage with demanding hostility. Zadkiel has orders to eradicate any threat that may present before them. One divine power that they are able to manifest on earth is the ability to control violent flames which are hotter than any fire found in the country. Some people have mistaken them as a witch for this very reason. Zadkiel is using it to their advantage without correcting the false information. 

Karma is Zadkiel’s domain. There is a disassociated pleasure in knowing every soul on earth carries a scale without their entire knowing. The Angel finds something very wearing watching some of his Father’s beloved creatures fall into the opposite direction even after speaking and guiding them. This bitterness stems from what they were tasked with in Heaven and having his kin forced back into line. Free Will and choices make this planet interesting in the least. Regardless, Zadkiel knows their Father is experimenting on the Earth for a grander vision. They can’t help but follow orders no matter the course.


Zadkiel fought by Michael’s side against the rebellion and war with Lucifer’s Army. Then not soon after, watched when Uriel slew the Nephilim when their family mated with the humans. Heaven was dark in certain concerns and threatened to unbalance in ways never faced before God made had initially made humanity. With heaven nearly torn to pieces, Zadkiel was tasked with measuring every angel’s Will to serve their Lord. That process changed the Angel substantially, as those who didn’t pass their test were sent for reconditioning.

People believe the angels are all powerful, and in a way yes they are, but they were created primarily to serve their Lord. Free Will wasn’t to be sampled or cherished, and they weren’t to break such tempting rules less they fall into the pits of Hell or Earth. Zadkiel knew this line well for the Angels, but as every passing year, they watched over the future plot of land Athoria. The humans and their many decisions became their focus. Whispers kept leading them to pay attention to these human ways of life, to see if a shift was to happen and what could take place if it did. Zadkiel could only watch from Heaven when Vinsor landed and war broke out. They could only observe when the Athor’s reigned supreme.

They are on Earth for one mission, and it’s disguised under the cloak of being a guardian angel in the public eye. Zadkiel isn’t supposed to influence anyone but has grown frustrated watching the scales shift into Hell’s favor in this one city– Leeds. They have to do something, anything, to guide these followers without taking away their right to choose. Zadkiel believes that if nothing is done then Hell will break loose upon Earth. What they don’t know is that someone is watching, and maybe an Angel shouldn’t be sticking their nose into witch business. 


  • Azrael: Whenever Zadkiel runs into their sibling disaster will strike. Karma and Death are close friends regardless of what their aura’s bring.
  • Raziel: They know the Angel could hold the secrets as to why unbalance is coming to Athoria– but they just aren’t authorized to know such things.
  • Cara: There is a special draw to this young witch that Zadkiel has made time for anytime they hear a prayer.
  • Major: They have whispered in this mages ear a few times. Hoping to further fuel the fire of killing more vampires.
  • Gregor: Zadkiel was at their trial in Heaven.


  1. Is it difficult to manage your vessel when you have always resided in Heaven? Is something in particular about the vessel incredibly annoying?
  2. Now that you are on Earth and are witnessing humanity live on with free will, did your task in Heaven involving casting judgement upon your kin wound you more deeply?

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