⇻ RAZIEL is an IMMORTAL and came to Earth 800 YEARS AGO. They are an ANGEL and resemble AISHWARYA RAI. They work as a THERAPIST in BRAILSTON.



Matching well with their angelic rank, Raziel dresses in the finest clothing. One would know at first glance that they are a member of the upper-class from their garb alone. Most of what they wear is tailored to accent their stunning physique. And while many their dark hair and mysterious gaze are inviting, there is a somber side to the angel. The knowledge they possess weighs heavily upon them, leaving their discomfort noticeable.

Raziel takes great pride in their work, constantly finding new ways to exploit their knowledge of the human mind in books and other texts. Often, they are seen giving council to those in need, regardless of class. They feel deeply connected to humans in a territorial way and respects them as God’s creations. They desire to see the best in mankind and does all they can to help them achieve happiness. Raziel is a great therapist and loves breaking down problems and tackling them head-on with their clients.

They have an added advantage, however, given their angelic gift. Being the angel that holds God’s most holy secrets, Raziel can use this insight to their advantage when aiding others. Sometimes these secrets weigh on them heavily and inconveniently. Raziel has been known to lock themselves away from a deep depression. They have foreseen terrible events and knows what will transpire; it pains them that they cannot do nothing about it.

A dark power resides behind Raziel’s overall visage. They are able to sense danger before it happens and it is rumored that their vast education allows them to perform ancient and almost unheard of abilities.


As the Angel of Mysteries and Hidden Knowledge, Raziel, a Dominion from the Second Order, feels both blessed and burdened with knowing God’s holy secrets. They may use this information for good, but there have been quarrels with their siblings about their knowledge. Raziel knew of Lucifer’s plans well before they were put into action. Their angelic peers accused them of being an accomplice and blamed them for the war. Archangel Michael understood the necessity of keeping the secret, but to maintain peace Michael decided that Raziel would be sent to Earth.

Raziel’s first vessel was an older woman on her deathbed, suffering from an incurable disease. They did not stay with her long, deciding that it was unfair that they should outlive her family. An old woman that never grew older, would have raised too many questions, ones Raziel didn’t have the authority to answer. They found several vessels after her, though none proved to be a proper match.

It wasn’t until they happened upon a young scholar, that they found a vessel they could truly connect with. The two met on the beaches of Miervaldis, about 200 years ago. The scholar spoke to Raziel about the wonders of the world and the knowledge that could save lives, if only they were given the right opportunity. It was then that the angel realized that they was an ideal match. After some convincing, Raziel took her as their vessel. Since then, the angel has settled in Brailston to continue their work.

Raziel is an Angelic name meaning ‘Secret of God’.


  • Azrael: They worry about their alienated sibling and believes Death to be one of the most complex beings they’ve ever encountered.
  • Iain: Unbeknownst to Iain, Raziel has saved the architect’s life more than once. They admire Iain’s brilliance and seeks to help them with their addictions.
  • Lee: Razael is highly concerned about the other's inability to see how dangerous they could be with their magic and wants to try to reach them through sessions. 
  • Shiva: They met over tea in Dragos and became friends as the years have passed. 


  • Have you ever encountered a mind you couldn’t understand?
  • Is there anything you wish you didn’t know?

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