⇻ MINIEL is 20 YEARS OLD and is an ANGEL. They can be mistaken to ASHLEIGH MURRAY and is a GUARDIAN ANGEL on Earth as a CUPID.


Miniel seems to glow like the rising sun while on Earth. Their angelic soul is a natural radiance which shows through in curious tilts of the head or a confused smile. They have found a liking to all clothing styles on Earth and sometimes takes it too far by mix-matching items in odd fashions. They will often paint their face with makeup or cute designs depending on their mood, which makes them appear childish.

They have an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time. There is not much that surprises them because of this and when events unfold around them – either bad or wholesomely good – they tend to walk towards it rather than running away. This gets Miniel into trouble from time to time since they cannot help but be curious. If they get roped into a fight, however, Miniel is sworn to protect the innocent as an Angel, but they are not authorized to fight physically. In these cases, they opt to teleport any victims to safety, or find help instead of engaging in the fight.

Outwardly, Miniel swears that they do not interfere with the human’s lives too much. But in reality, Miniel enjoys gossiping and planting small ideas or suggestions in their ears, and then sitting back to watch and see if their involvement worked out for the better. The Angel is a touchy-feely person, and their very aura and happy personality give them plenty of friendships which rarely causes them to be alone while on Earth. 

For some reason, most of their kin shy away from them, and some are a little cruel in their tone when they speak to Miniel. Rumors are that being a cupid for humanity is the most insignificant role in Heaven. Between the angels, the information talked about the most in whispers is that Miniel might be the very last Angel their Creator will ever make.


Miniel is the only Angel to have spent more time on Earth than in Heaven. They were asked to find a vessel almost immediately at creation and have been living in Athoria since then. Miniel’s assignment had been an easy one, or so they thought. Their orders were to influence love and friendship in the realm without hindering free will and to keep the balance against hate. Their role was especially important after the Franco Rebellion a decade prior. No matter how much they tried too, it was difficult to find the right way of going about it. Surprisingly, no one in Heaven offered to train the youngest Angel in their new position.

They found out the hard way they could materialize a unique bow and arrow when two extraordinary souls crossed. Not knowing what to do, they risked it and shot the arrows at each one. It took a little time, but they watched as the couple grew closer until they were married and with a family. It was joyous, and Miniel remained consumed by the fact they had helped give them that little nudge to be together. But as life is designed to do by their Creator, mortals perish, and on the eve of their tenth anniversary, the couple was brutally killed by a poltergeist. Miniel wished they could have saved them but took peace in knowing they were likely together in their afterlife.

Miniel knows they should do their job – to tether those rare souls together in not just love but in friendship, companionship, or within the countless layers of human love – but recently they have grown scared they might be misreading things. This concern makes them overly cautious, even when they see these precious souls crossing paths. They do know one thing; everyone is connected, and there will come a day when they will have to shoot their bow and arrow between a few souls to put something serious into motion. Whether it is good or bad, or detrimental and beautiful is what Miniel is anxious about. Could love actually do the opposite of their role here and start another war?  


  • Raziel: Every time they speak, Miniel is certain their kin is trying to find a way to get out of the conversation.
  • Zadkiel: Karma is an Angel who creates awe in Miniel. If they find themselves in a fight, they will try to call their kin to help. 
  • King Nathaniel: There are so many souls Miniel could shoot their arrows for the King. They are cautious, but they know they will have to pick.
  • Farryn: Miniel follows this soul around a lot, they can feel how much they long for a soulmate, and Miniel is determined to help. 
  • Benjamin: Miniel believes reapers should be angels like Azrael and often tries to make Ben feel special in their role for the realm.


  1. Can you describe what you see or feel when you realize two souls could be bound together by you? 
  2. Have you been back to Heaven or has Earth became a permanent home until summoned away?

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