GREGOR ‘ZERUEL’ WALL is a FALLEN ANGEL who fell to earth about 30 YEARS AGO. They resemble BRUCE WILLIS and is known as a PIT FIGHTER in LEEDS


Ridden with age and features they no longer admire, Zeruel is usually found with various cuts and bruises along their face and exposed body. Their knuckles are colored with open wounds, and their nose is slightly crooked from being broken countless times. Their attire is not anything more than peasantry, although they can be seen in tattered leathers and a woolen cloak in colder months.

In the fighting pits, Zeruel is an obvious threat and their expressions echo that lethal demeanor. However, they do carry a smile that could light up the day, depending on his mood. After a few glasses of cheap mead, Zeruel can be seen singing and dancing with barmaids as if nothing terrible had ever happened in their life. A constant bitterness falls heavily atop of Zeruel, no matter their mood for the day. The fallen’s bitter tongue towards humanity is misunderstood to most as anger towards society. This is not entirely true. As a former servant of God, Zeruel was a protector and Guardian Angel of God’s children. It is not society that they resent, but the mortality that they are now forced to suffer though.

If Zeruel can manage to set their resentful ways aside for a day, the people of Leeds can actually enjoy their tough company. Perhaps it is just their ego, but Zeruel believes themselves to be stronger than any fighter they’ve come across, even the younger ones that wish to challenge them for the entertainment of travelers or the supernatural that find them time and time again. 

Zeruel tends to find themselves in situations where old habits of being a Guardian Angel try to take over. It would not be against them to turn a blind eye to a mugging or to turn around and save the day. They fight these urges consistently, and they use this pent up rage and emotion to achieve win after win inside the pits.


Zeruel had fought on the side of God during Lucifer’s rebellion. They had gained great recognition for their efforts against their traitorous kin and was seen fighting alongside Archangel Michael. Zeruel was a proud child of God, honorably performing their duties and never faltering in the rules set upon them. Witnessing the rise of the Earth was a beautiful adventure in its own, and they couldn’t wait to be sent to the planet for a new mission.

As a Guardian Angel, they were tasked to watch over a human by the name of Josiah. But they were given orders to observe them from Heaven instead of venturing to Earth. The male was presumed to be a prophet of a Lord. Contrarily, Josiah was a stubborn man with a family that he paid little attention to, as he was constantly involved in black-market trades in Leeds. One night, Josiah was meeting with a witch for a final discussion about an item from Miervaldis they acquired. Josiah was extremely interested in the piece and believed he could resell it for double the price. The seller, unbeknownst to Josiah, had cruel intentions and were planning to use him for a dark ritual. Zeruel had grown fond of the human and they felt that if Josiah was the prophet they said he was, then he should be protected, not just observed.

Zeruel knew that without a vessel they could not slay the witch. With no other humans in the general area, they made the call to possess Josiah without permission. Within the human vessel, they attempted to kill the witch, but only managed run them off. When called to Heaven for trial, they thought that they’d be forgiven for the crime. They were only doing their duty and planned to leave the vessel anyway. Still, the Archangels ruled that taking a human’s free will was a great offense and Zeruel would pay the price. Archangel Michael took their wings and cast them to Earth, causing Zeruel to spend the rest of their days as a mortal. It has been thirty years since their Fall and they still have the scars on their back to prove it.

Now, they spend their days brawling in the fighting pits of Leeds, going by the name Gregor Wall.


  • Azrael: The Angel of Death promised Zeruel to reap their soul upon their mortal death. 
  • Vance: Zeruel only visits the Devil's Den for the irony but the mead is good too.
  • Kenji & Brutus: They have all met in the Fighting Pits numerous times. 


  • Do you think your soul can be redeemed?
  • Did you ever find that witch that ruined your life?

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